Mar - Sep 2021


We invite session organisers to craft a 90-minute session that will be of great interest
and benefit to the members of the IPPA community and attendees of the conference.

We highly encourage panels that are broad in scope, multi-disciplinary and regionally-focused.
It should be engaging and gather diverse practitioners in sharing

Interested individuals are limited to chair one panel only. Please read the guidelines
and submit your panel proposal through the PANEL SUBMISSION PORTAL below.

Guideline for Submission

Panel Title

Please use title case capitalization for your session title (e.g., The Prehistory of Thailand)

Panel Chair Details

Details of the panel chair should include all relevant information, i.e., full name, affiliation and work/mailing address, email address. If applicable, please list down the complete name/s of your co-chair/s and respective details.

Panel Abstract

Please limit your abstract to 350 words (but no fewer than 150 words). State the main purpose of your session and what the attendees are going to expect.

We advise against overly broad sessions and instead encourage sessions that consider under-represented topics and diverse perspectives. Please use gender-neutral language, e.g., use they instead of s/he.

Session Block

Each panel can have one or two session blocks. Each block is 90 minutes (1.5 hrs) or equivalent to 6 paper presentations. All panels will be restricted to a maximum of two blocks. Please indicate in the form whether you will be requiring one or two blocks.

If in the past you have chaired long sessions that have lasted more than two blocks, we suggest you consider breaking up ‘traditional’ panels thematically, and have the various panels chaired by different individuals. IPPA will make every effort to avoid session conflicts, though we cannot guarantee that we will be able to align all panels perfectly.

Audience Size

You may indicate an approximate size of your audience as a guide for the conference room allocation. A small room is ideal for delegates less than fifty, a medium-sized room will be for delegates around fifty to a hundred and a large room for over one hundred attendees.

Changes to your Proposal

The form may not be changed once it's submitted. Please email the Secretariat for any changes or revisions.


  • As a chair, you can only submit one panel session and one paper presentation.
  • The chair is the point of contact for the session and presenters.
  • The chair needs to moderate the panel and ensure that schedule is observed and maintained by all speakers.
  • It is also the responsibility of the chair to work and coordinate with the technical team to ensure that equipment on the said schedule is up and running and that all presentations are prepared and ready to be presented in the correct session and in the right order.
  • IPPA is not accepting any proposals for remote/on-line hosted panels.
  • We will run a maximum of six parallel sessions over four days. This means we will have a limit on the number of panel slots available for the conference.
  • Although you are welcome to submit a request to chair any panel, we highly recommend panels that are broad in scope, multi-disciplinary and regionally-focused. For instance, if you would like to propose a panel on museums and museum collections, think of a topic that encourages regional debate and participation. We also encourage proposals that are focused on diversity, inclusivity, sustainability and resilience.
  • For assistance or any other inquiries contact the IPPA Secretariat.

Panel Submission Portal

Please use the form below to submit your session
proposal for the 22nd IPPA Congress.


Vaccine guide for travellers to Thailand, please visit this website.